The pre-summit masterclass is designed specifically for executive assistants. This masterclass will give you the tools you need to succeed in your role, maximise your career opportunities and make the most of every interaction.

Monday 8 November 2021

Unlock everyday efficiencies and unleash your productivity

with Samantha Garrett

Welcome to ‘Unlock everyday efficiencies and unleash your productivity’ 

Led by: Samantha Garrett


Have you noticed that technology has the potential to be either a great tool for boosting your efficiency and productivity…or a massive source of wasted time and frustration? And that it has an uncanny ability to make you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth – just when you think you’ve got it all figured out?!

Here’s the thing. Tech tools like to keep secrets! Their most powerful features are usually hidden below the surface. Many people spend years using the same tools every day and never discover the sources of efficiency and productivity lurking in their depths.

You’ve heard the saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, right? Well it’s time that you do know what you don’t know!

Much of your tech frustration, time wasting and overwhelm can be solved by learning how to unlock the efficiencies available in your everyday tech tools. Couple that with clever tips and strategies for optimising your time and energy and you can unleash a whole new level of efficiency, productivity and organisation!

So are you ready to unlock and unleash? Here’s the plan to make it happen.


Samantha is a highly experienced and respected technology trainer who works with education, business and government clients across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. She specialises in helping organisations make the most of their cloud collaboration platforms, including Google Workspace (G Suite) and (Microsoft) Office 365.

She is deeply passionate about helping people become more efficient, productive and organised. Samantha is well-known for her signature training style – delivering practical, relevant and easy-to-understand content with energy, enthusiasm and joy. You won’t get bored or lost in her training sessions!

So what does all this mean in practice? That Samantha LOVES helping people clean up their inboxes, organise their files, get in control of their task list and generally become more efficient in using their everyday tools.


8.30 Registration

9.00 SESSION 1: Working together effectively: Together or apart!

If you’re like most EAs and PAs who experienced 2020, you’ve had to quickly adapt to working with your exec and your colleagues in new ways. At times you’ve probably felt a little overwhelmed and out-of-your depth. Like when you were struggling to figure out yet another video calling platform (can’t they all just use the same one!!??) or grappling with keeping your boss on schedule from your kitchen table. To kick off our masterclass, you’ll build confidence and competence in using the tech tools you have at your fingertips (and maybe a few more!) to work together effectively no matter where you are – together or apart!

10.30 Morning break

11.00 SESSION 2: Under the inbox: Unlock the full efficiency-boosting power of your email tool

You spend so much time managing email, just think what it could mean if you found new hidden efficiencies in your email tool! In this session we’ll explore under the hood of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail to uncover features that will save you time and take your email management to a whole new level. Inbox Zero here we come!

12.30 Lunch break

1.30 SESSION 3: Beyond the inbox: Master communication, connection and collaboration in a team chat environment

Team chat tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams & Google Chat are definitely the ‘new black’! Most days it probably feels like you’ve got ten chat conversations on the go at once, trying to make sure you don’t send the wrong message to the wrong person (we’ve all done it!). All while still having multiple inboxes to keep under control – it’s enough to make even the most tech savvy feel a little overwhelmed.  In this session, we’ll explore all the features that you need to know to master team chat and prevent it from being a productivity killer.

3.00 Afternoon break

3.20 SESSION 4: Optimising your personal productivity, efficiency and organisation

Your time and energy are precious resources – ones we all wish we had more of! While this session won’t give you more time or energy (sorry about that!), it will provide you with tips, tricks and strategies for using them in ways that optimise your personal productivity, efficiency and organisation. Which means that you can spend less time wishing you had more time and energy, and more time spending your energy on the things you love.

4.30 Close of masterclass

Note: The masterclass content will be tailored further to delegate’s needs both prior to and during the workshop.