Summit Speakers in 2025

The Corporate PA Summit attracts a fantastic mix of inspirational speakers, celebrity speakers and leading EAs.

Photos and bios of confirmed speakers will be shown below as they become available.

Ellie Cole

With an OAM, an AM & 17 Paralympic medals under her belt, in 2021 Ellie Cole became Australia’s most decorated female Paralympian. At age three, her right leg was amputated after she suffered a life-threatening sarcoma cancer, but rather than dwell on adversity, Ellie has instead shown an incredible ability to overcome the odds.

It’s not only her courageous story but her unrivalled sense of humour, wonderful humility and never-say-die attitude that make her a true inspiration.

Shifting your mindset can be the difference between a happy, fulfilled existence and a daily struggle. After a year of unsuccessful chemotherapy, Ellie’s parents made the heartbreaking decision to amputate her leg. She jumped into a swimming pool eight weeks later for rehabilitation – and from that moment built an inspiring and glittering career.

Ellie focuses on embracing life and adapting to change. She believes that having a disability has taught her that things don’t always go our way, and how important it is to focus on the positive and move forward. A lot of people have emotional limitations that prevent them from living the lives they want to live – but Ellie says these are stepping stones that are easy to overcome – once you know how.

Dr Preeya Alexander

Preeya is a practicing GP, mum of two, author and TV presenter. She is passionate about all things ‘prevention’ in medicine, and on a quest to make complex health information digestible for everyone.

She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Adelaide University. She has been featured as an expert on Sunrise and The Drum and is a regular contributor to online publications such as The Grace Tales, Mamamia and other lifestyle websites, combining her passion for
medicine and her role as an educator to become a shining example of the qualified ‘expert influencer’.

Preeya cohosts Channel 10’s Good Chef Bad Chef and hosted a 2 part series of ABC’s flagship science show Catalyst.

She specialises in preventative health, general medicine, sexual health, mental health and women’s medicine.

Simi Rayat

Simi is an ICF Professional Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Chartered Business Psychologist, corporate speaker, facilitator and storyteller. She was very fortunate to discover my passion and drive for personal and leadership development early in her career, knowing after her degree in Organisational Psychology in Nottingham, UK that she wanted to work with a broad range of professionals to empower and enable them to be the best possible leaders, to benefit themselves and everyone around them too. Her work has taken her on an exciting and varied journey through the public and private sectors, from entrepreneurial start-ups and government departments to consulting for firms all over the world.​

Simi has worked on a freelance and employed basis as a senior manager, consultant, psychologist and coach. She has led high-performing teams and has felt the pressures first-hand of the highs and lows of delivering success through others. In 2011, Simi started her own private Psychology practice Minds for the Future in Melbourne which she built into a thriving business, building a team of eight psychologists across three sites in the city before selling to new owners and returning to London, UK in 2016.

Simi has worked very intentionally and deliberately for twenty years to be where she is now; working in partnership with clients globally with a common aim of growing themselves and creating inclusive cultures so those around them can also flourish and love what they do that little bit more. 

Casey Beros

For 15 years, Casey’s job has been to ask questions of our brightest minds on how to live a happier, healthier life. She is fascinated by how communication affects the care we receive, and how that affects outcomes. She is often called upon to act as a conduit between clinician and consumer – a role she relishes and navigates with aplomb.

An experienced health journalist, Casey holds her own in nuanced, complex and dense medical territory as a speaker, and is often called upon to act as a medical facilitator for some of our biggest health brands. An engaging and entertaining speaker, she’ll have you crying with laughter one minute and tearing up the next.

Casey gave the closing keynote at the Corporate PA Summit in Perth, and was easily one of the best speakers we’ve ever worked with, creating a huge impact with our WA-based attendees. Travelling from Perth, Casey is the wellbeing expert on Channel 10’s Well Traveller, and has hosted TV programs for the ABC (Tonic) and Channel 10 (Everyday Health) and writes frequently for Australia’s leading digital platforms. In 2021, she released her first book, The ‘Bad’ Girl’s Guide to Better – blending her love of entertainment and education to deliver a stealth help guide to navigating the obstacle course of life. A Mum of two young girls, she is particularly passionate about mental and women’s health.

Really insightful. All of the speakers were wonderful. I would be interested in attending again. Each speaker gave lots of great tips and information that will be really useful for work and general life.
Scotch College

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