The pre-summit and post-summit masterclass programs are designed to give you the tools you need to succeed in your role, maximise your career opportunities and make the most of every interaction.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

A practical masterclass to catapult your career into the future

with Blythe Rowe

Thursday 4 August 2022

The secret strategies of master communicators

with Anneli Blundell

Welcome to ‘Supercharge your Career’

Led by: Blythe Rowe

This full-day masterclass will be held on Tuesday 2 August 2022


This one day masterclass is designed to be a practical workshop to help you reflect and recalibrate to craft your professional action plan to Supercharge Your Career! It will explore the current and future workplace and look at the latest trends and challenges impacting the role of EA/PA.

The workshop will focus on developing yourself to lead your career and stay ahead of the change curve. It will give you the skills to continue to add tremendous value in your role and help you put steps in place today, to supercharge your career for tomorrow.


Blythe Rowe is a ‘People, Culture & Performance’ expert and is widely recognised for her passion, energy and her ability to shake things up. After working in Senior Human Resources & Organisational Development roles for over 13 years in global organisations including McDonald’s Australia and the retail giant, Bunnings, Blythe’s obsession for people and performance led her to become the founder and director of the training organisation, Human Incite.

Blythe is brilliant at revving up productivity and performance in individuals and organisations, whether it’s via her high energy keynote presentations, training workshops or one on one leadership mentoring. Blythe is the creator of the ‘Business Connection Model’, the five key things organisations must do in order to connect the hearts and minds their people. She is also the author of the book ‘Bullies, Blamers & Bludgers’ and is on a mission to rid workplaces of toxic behaviours, build meaningful relationships and create workplaces worth belonging!

Blythe is a bit of a closet nerd as she loves to continually learn. She holds a Masters in Management Enterprise, a Bachelor of Business, she is an accredited NLP practitioner/coach and is a Global Partner of the About my Brain Institute (AMBI), offering her clients brain-based assessments and solutions through a better understanding of the brain.

Her passion, energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Combine these with her expertise in people leadership and neuroleadership and her ability to ‘tell it like it is’, in a fun, yet pragmatic and practical way, will prove the perfect ingredients to inspire you and your team into action.



This opening session will reflect on the year that has been, the challenges that arose and opportunities that opened up. We will also take a quick trip “into the future” to explore the trends and how this will impact your role as a PA/EA and the skills you will need to be successful.

  • Reflect: on the year that has been
  • Recognise: challenges and opportunities that arose, personally and professionally
  • Respond: Create an action plan to take ownership of your career through mastering the three pillars of: Confidence, Credibility and Connections

10.30 Morning tea


This session explores the concept of confidence and helps you understand why you may feel and behave the way you do. This session is designed to help you ‘get out of your own way’ so you can optimise your long-term performance.

  • Unpacking the notion of Confidence
  • Self-reflection: How confident am I?
  • Confidence myths and realities
  • Explore what is currently holding you back
  • Unpack the three ‘Pillars of Confidence’
  • Tips on how to smash self-doubt, and
  • The mindsets needed to master confidence and supercharge your career

12.30 Lunch

After lunch the masterclass focuses on skill-building to develop your Credibility, which is the second vital pillar for your professional success.


When you can create long term credibility in the workplace, this is when others trust you, as a person and a professional, enabling you to be able to influence and add tremendous value. In this session, we will explore:

  • The two key ingredients of Credibility
  • Self-reflection: How credible am I? Exploring current strengths vs limitations
  • Risk factors to your credibility in hybrid working environment
  • How to increase your credibility in current working environment
  • How to access creative thinking to be more innovative in your role
  • Implement strategies for you and your boss to be able to ‘think differently’ to add more value and evolve your skillset (and potentially role).

15.00 Afternoon tea


In the final session, we will explore workplace trends around the importance of relationships vs rank. You will be pulling your action plan together by exploring your current connections and how to master building your alliances so that others can help pave the way for your career.

We will unpack:

  • Collaboration essentials: the keys to successfully influence and inspire others
  • Understand the science behind building meaningful connections in the workplace
  • Overview of the five-part connection formula
  • Connection Calibrator: Find, build & nurture your support team

16.30 Masterclass close

The masterclass will be conducted using a combination of presentation material and group exercises; maximising your learning potential. Please note that the masterclass content will be tailored to participants’ individual needs so the length of each session may vary. Refreshments will be served at appropriate times, including morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

Welcome to ‘Communicating with Impact’

Led by: Anneli Blundell

This full-day masterclass will be held on Thursday 4 August 2022


Voted one of YMag’s Top Ten Women to Watch in 2019, and Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, Anneli helps her clients improve their communication, influence and interpersonal impact for better business results. Known affectionally as the People Whisperer, Anneli brings to her clients a recognised expertise in the field of below conscious communication and motivation.

Anneli’s passion for decoding people and performance dynamics make her a sought-after speaker, mentor and communication expert. She makes the complex job of understanding why people do what they do (and how to get the best out of them), both accessible and entertaining.

She is the co-author of several books on shifting human behaviour, including Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders, a leader’s practical guide for developing performance at work and works with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, EY, Telstra, Victoria Police, NAB, JB Hi-Fi, and The Good Guys, to name a few.

Oh and she’s a nifty parallel parker, a keen runner and a salsa dancing addict who loves any meal cooked by someone else!


Clear communication is the critical skill of the 21st century.

The ability to communicate with clarity, authority and impact is vital for EAs and PAs who need to confidently support and represent senior executives. Whether it’s speaking up in meetings, acting on behalf of your executive or clearly communicating their important messages, your ability to be heard is paramount for your professional brand and personal impact.

Executives don’t have time to waste on waffle and unclear communications. They need you to be on point, on time and on track with your messaging. The good news is that communicating with impact is a learnable skill.

In this practical, lively, and interactive workshop on communication mastery, we’ll uncover the secret strategies of master communicators. You’ll walk away with the tools and frameworks to be a clear, concise and compelling communicator.

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to:

  • Be seen as a clear communicator
  • Quickly articulate key messages
  • Demonstrate executive presence
  • Remove credibility killers
  • Make your value visible
  • Reduce resistance to your ideas
  • Prepare for difficult conversations
  • Maximise communication impact, and
  • Stay on track, on point and on time with your messaging