The pre-summit and post-summit masterclass programs are designed to give you the tools you need to succeed in your role, maximise your career opportunities and make the most of every interaction.

Monday 15 May 2023

Future YOU: The ultimate reset

Led by: Belinda Brosnan

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Work Smart: Back yourself, and uncover the keys to brilliance

Led by: Jess Stuart

Welcome to ‘Future YOU: The ultimate reset’

Led by: Belinda Brosnan

This full-day masterclass will be held on Monday 15 May 2023


For so much of the past few years, we have been reactive – forced to roll with the punches, adapt to an ever-changing climate and frankly, we’re all exhausted. Yes, we’re more resilient and know how much we’re capable of achieving under immense pressure, but wouldn’t it be nice to start taking more proactive steps towards shaping our future careers and lives?

This workshop is a breath of fresh air, allowing you the time and space to reset and explore exactly what you hope to achieve in the coming months and years, both professionally and personally. You’ll take a step back from your day-to-day hustle and really hone in on what is important to you, identify opportunities to make a real difference and set yourself goals for future YOU.


While Belinda has an ability to make even the likes of Jack Sparrow feel at ease in the midst of Caribbean hurricane, don’t be fooled by her down-to-earth, ‘calm-in-a-crisis’ personality.

Bubbling just beneath that cool and collected surface is an intense desire to make a difference.

She wants the work we do to matter, as individuals, as organisations, and citizens of the world. And she most loves to work with organisations that feel the same.

Belinda’s specialist expertise lies in guiding senior leaders through change and uncertainty.

If anyone was prepared to help others be heard in the chaos, it’s Belinda. Honing her skills with a lifetime of Brosnan family Christmases (her Dad is one of 15 children and her Mum one of 8), Belinda also spent 20 years working in leadership positions with some of Australia’s biggest name organisations including News Limited, AVJennings, Macquarie Bank and Mirvac.

Add to this Belinda’s credentials in executive coaching, conversational intelligence and NeuroLeadership and she’s got a lot to give.

Belinda is an advocate and investor with The Hunger Project and has led leadership immersion programs in Uganda, Malawi, India, and Senegal. She is passionate about being a voice for those who don’t have one and giving people the opportunity to lead an expansive life on their terms for the betterment of others, organisations, and communities.


8.30 Registration and welcome coffee

9.00 Session 1: The status quo

We’ve all been operating in fight or flight for so long, we haven’t had many opportunities to stop and question the status quo. You’ll explore your current ways of working, uncover habits and pitfalls you may have fallen into and identify the key roadblocks that are stopping you from working and living more proactively.

10.30 Morning coffee

11.00 Session 2: Your core values

Before you begin looking to the future, it’s important to understand the why behind your decision making. By understanding what is important to you and what motivates you, you will be better positioned to begin planning for the future.

11.30 Session 3: Endless possibilities

In this session, you’ll take a fresh look at your role, career plans and personal life. You’ll identify where you can make changes and create real impact, allowing you to live a life more aligned to your core values.

12.30 Lunch break

1.30 Session 4: A plan for future YOU

This is where you’ll create an action plan for the future, pulling together everything you have learned in this workshop. You’ll walk away with a practical and realistic strategy to achieving your goals and energised to become the very best version of yourself.

2.45 Cool down / close

The masterclass will be conducted using a combination of presentation material and group exercises; maximising your learning potential. Please note that the masterclass content will be tailored to participants’ individual needs so the length of each session may vary. Refreshments will be served at appropriate times, including morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

Welcome to: Work Smart: Back yourself, and uncover the keys to brilliance

Led by: Jess Stuart

This full-day masterclass will be held on Wednesday 17 May 2023


Jess helps busy, high achieving career individuals find more time for them, reprioritise what matters, build resilience, beat the overwhelm and keep calm in the chaos, discover your true self and believe you can.

Jess is an author, coach and international speaker with 15 years in senior HR roles and two decades of coaching. She has featured on TV3, BBC, RNZ, Dominion Post, Stuff, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and NZ Business Magazine.

Jess believes that tapping into your potential doesn’t mean doing more or having to be different. It’s uncovering what’s already there and being enough as you are.

Working closely with charities that empower women and inspire the next generation, social impact is at the heart of what Jess does. She is committed to the value of lift as we climb and collaborating and believes we are more powerful together than we are apart.


When you back yourself, you lean in rather than miss opportunities, your imposter syndrome disappears, you don’t fear speaking out, and you build resilience and grow. And so often, we procrastinate or over-work to try and get everything perfect – but these things just lead to us missing out on our best performance.

Quantity does not always mean quality and being busy does not mean we’re productive, in fact the opposite is often true. The reality is that workload is high, that won’t change.  We also live in a world where uncertainty and change is the norm and there’s more pressure than ever placed on our mental health.

This is a must attend workshop to ensure you’re getting the best from yourself and to thrive in your working environment. The programme will reenergise you, and sustain you to unleash your potential, stand in your power, and unlock the keys to brilliance. In this workshop, you will:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and retrain the brain for a positive mindset
  • Beat procrastination and perfectionism
  • Understand the difference between busy and productive
  • Work smarter not harder and master the habits of high performance
  • Turn down the inner critic and stop overthinking
  • Learn how to recognise and leverage your strengths and build confidence to speak up
  • Understand the neuroscience behind thinking patterns and rewire the brain
  • Learn strategies to cultivate a more calm, clearer mind
  • Keep calm amid the chaos and give yourself space to thrive, even in the tough times
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness

You will also master the art of slowing down to speed up, understand the power of the mind and how to use it to stay focused, calm and effective. You will appreciate the difference between busy and productive and ensure you are a sustainable resource. And you will learn what it is resilient people do, build your own plan to overcome challenges and uncertainty and deliver on your potential.