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ThinkTank Media has specialised in empowering and inspiring you to be the best you can be since 2005. Our high-impact, online webinar training series builds on this. Access our world-class speakers and trainers – in the areas of corporate mental health, career progression and more – all year round.

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ThinkTank Online - Reflect, Rethink, Reset!

October 21, 2020

Individuals, teams and leaders, weary of the constant change and disruption they have to regularly deal with at work. Suddenly, in 2020 our entire world was disrupted and our workplaces were thrown into chaos, literally overnight. And so began the largest human experiment, in real time, of navigating a new working paradigm, worldwide, whether we wanted to or not. It’s little wonder the level of stress, anxiety and fatigue of many of our leaders and employees skyrocketed.

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ThinkTank Online - Upgrade your Emotional Intelligence, for the new working environment

November 17, 2020

Emotional Intelligence (EI) underpins every workplace relationship and interaction. The more we understand it, the more equipped we are to engage with our colleagues in a meaningful and effective way.

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ThinkTank Online - Overcome the overwhelm

November 18, 2020

Ever feel overwhelmed or wish you were more calm, confident and in control? Do you want to be able to easily juggle work, family and life? It is common, even for high-performing people to feel overwhelmed at times. This condensed session is designed to help busy people regain balance, super-charge your productivity and rediscover how it feels to thrive.

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ThinkTank Online - Rethinking time

December 15, 2020

Ready to see the back of 2020? Plan on staying awake on New Year’s Eve to make sure 2020 actually ends? Hoping to shout ‘Jumanji’ and reset the game? Then this webinar is perfect for you.

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ThinkTank Online - Creating engagement around wellbeing

December 16, 2020

You are passionate about workplace wellbeing.  You genuinely care for your colleagues and your organisation. So, how do you build engagement, commitment and action around your programs, initiatives and ideas? Where people engage with you, not because they have to, but because they want to?

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ThinkTank Online’s series of webinars are brought to you by the amazing team at ThinkTank Media, who are also responsible for improving the lives and careers of thousands of people through their flagship events, The Corporate PA Summit and The Corporate Health & Wellbeing Summit.