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What exactly is Human Resources Management?

The Birth of Human Resources Management

The 1960s were a revolutionary period worldwide. Political and social changes abound, the workplace was merely one more area of flux.

There arose the need to address the dwindling work/life balance plaguing families, as two-income households became the norm. The 9-5 schedule was simply unmanageable for many families and thus, more flexible work schedules were necessary. This created the need for people to implement these changing policies.

This was the period that bred human resources management – a new department that sought to address the issues surrounding the labor force. These managers would be responsible for enacting policies that made work life more congruent with home life.

That’s not all. They would also be responsible for fostering growth within organisations and dealing with the relationship between employee and employer.

And, they would become indispensable, with good reason.

What’s the Role of a Human Resource Manager?

Human Resource Managers have a lot of roles to fulfill in an organisation. Simply, they deal with managing employees and businesses or organisations.

However, this can mean many things. Human Resource Managers may recruit employees, deal with their pay and benefits, dispense disciplinary action, or address any issues that arise between employees and employers. They may also deal with orientations, promotions, and training.

At times, employees may also have problems with other employees, their employer, or their company or organisation. Human Resource Managers are responsible for addressing these issues professionally and courteously.

As you can see, Human Resource Managers have a big job to do. They are often tasked with maintaining a harmonious workforce, in part through promoting positivity and wellness in the workplace.

And, not only do Human Resource Managers deal with employees, but they also deal with the organisation as a whole. It is often the case that they are responsible for both developing policies and administering them. They not only develop the skills of human workers but also help oversee the evolution of a company or organisation’s policies.

Working in Human Resource Management

Are you considering a job in human resource management?

You’ll be happy to know that it’s a growing field!

Do you already work in human resource management?

Your field is changing. Automation and AI, for example, will mean organisations require facilitators able to guarantee smooth transitions while implementing new technology and policies. As you can see, continued success in the field will require adaptability.

Luckily, there are conferences, events, and training out there to keep you competitive. Come along to the Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit to help keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Human resource management is an important area that supports the ability of businesses and organisations to function smoothly. Working in the field is both exciting and rewarding.

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