Webinar Terms and Conditions

Once registered for a webinar, we will send you a receipt and confirmation email within 24 hours. Fees are payable in full at the time of booking. We do not charge surcharges for credit card payments.


Webinars are non-transferrable and there will be no refunds given.

ThinkTank Media will endeavour to ensure that the webinar program advertised at the time of booking is correct. ThinkTank Media reserves the right to alter the content prior to the webinar due to circumstances changing beyond our control, in which case we will update the webinar webpage as soon as possible. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone a webinar due to an unforeseen circumstance, Act of God or other circumstance which would make the running of the webinar impossible, illegal or impractical. Act of God circumstances include but are not limited to flood, fire, pandemic, war, extreme weather or other emergency. ThinkTank Media is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from alteration, postponement or cancellation of a webinar.

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