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The mind and its potential: What can we really achieve?

The research done in neuroscience in the past few decades has shown the world that there is still more that we don’t know about the mind. Even though scientists have debunked the myth that we use only 10% of our brains, we’ve only just begun to realise how much our minds can do when we set them to the right kind of tasks. Here are some of the ways in which visionaries are pursuing their fullest potential and putting their minds to work.


Taking time to clear one’s mind and allow thoughts to move through without dwelling on them is one of the most powerful mental exercises there is. The Way of Meditation cites more than 50 scientific studies that link meditation with lowered stress and anxiety, greater focus and attention, and improved memory and mood.

Meditation may seem like a ‘break’ from the typical rapid thoughts of a busy modern life, but in fact, it gives the mind much-needed space to process all the input that has occurred since the last time you meditated. This processing can yield important insights during meditation that cannot be reached any other way.


Positive thinking can be in short supply, especially in fast-paced, high-demand businesses. However, visualising the path to the greatness you hope to achieve can actually be a way to create a mental pathway to that outcome.

Visualising, through journaling or as part of your meditation practice, can put you in the ranks of some top-performing athletes, according to Business Insider Australia. Athletes who need their minds in top form regularly envision themselves achieving the success they hope for so that their minds never get in the way of their highest potential.

Intention and Mission

Nowhere is the mind and its potential more connected than in the mission for your life and the intentions you set for every day. Many people have never truly articulated what their mission in life is, or what intentions they have set to see that mission come to fruition.

By taking the time to either journal these intentions and one’s overall mission in life, or by filling out a worksheet that guides you to these answers, you can begin to discover what it is that truly fuels you. The mind’s potential is unlocked when you see what is extra and what is essential in your mental activities.

We’ve only begun to understand the mind and its potential as human beings, but working together can be a major part of unlocking the next level of productivity and ingenuity. Ready to learn more? Find out about our upcoming events.


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