Managing stress and anxiety at work

Managing Stress and Anxiety at Work

We are all human and stress tends to get to us, whether we want it to or not. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss a few key ways to lower your anxiety and manage your stress during the work day. Your well-being is a priority, even at work.

What is Workplace Stress and Anxiety?

Workplace stress is that little trigger of frustration when something at work doesn’t pan out quite right. It can be caused by a project gone wrong, numbers and rates not reaching the expectation to present to senior leadership, or a variety of other issues that may arise. While stress can be healthy in short bursts, it can also impact your mental and emotional health if it’s a constant issue.

Anxiety in the workplace is typically the feeling of inadequacy of some form while performing a task at work, and it’s often caused by similar factors that come with workplace stress. Usually, people are more fearful about acceptance and understanding when it comes to anxiety. Hand in hand stress and anxiety can make for an unfriendly and unsettling feeling towards your job.

Managing Your Stress and Anxiety

Get Plenty of Sleep – Sleep actually plays a huge role in helping us manage stressors and deal with those anxious moments. If we’re not getting enough sleep, then we’re not able to properly process our feelings or give ourselves the attention we need to return to a calm state of mind. Lack of sleep can limit your ability to focus at work, which can be dangerous.

Eat Healthier – It may not seem like a change in your diet could help but eating foods that give you energy and make you feel good has proven to help you stabilise moods and mindsets. Certain foods can help you maintain a good quantity of proteins in your body and boost your outlook on things.

Make and Keep Your Routines – Whenever we’re not following our daily routines, we can easily become overwhelmed with simple tasks. A balanced schedule will provide you with boundaries so that you don’t become overwhelmed or overworked.

Delegate – For the moments you’ve over-committed yourself, delegate those smaller tasks to a responsible coworker and leave the priority projects for yourself. You’ll feel lighter knowing you can get everything done on time without overextending your ability.

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