How to become a personal assistant

How to become a Virtual Assistant

In terms of entrepreneurial life, being a Virtual Assistant is a great option. The freedom to set your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world, and have control over your income are all perks of the job.

So, what does a Virtual Assistant do? Basically, they offer services to business owners and entrepreneurs from remote locations in exchange for a fee.

Simple enough, right? But, how do you get started?

As with any new venture, getting started can be both intimidating and overwhelming. It’s best to organise your steps into actionable items that you can check off as you go:

1. Find your niche

2. Decide what you will charge

3. Get all your legal stuff in order

4. Create your online presence

5. Network, network, and network some more

Are you overwhelmed already? Don’t be! We will break these steps down one by one.

Find your niche

In terms of providing a service, it’s best to find your niche, or the thing that you are best at. Of course, you should provide a variety of services, but make sure that the one you are most efficient at (and you enjoy) is the main one that you will build your brand around. For example, if your last position was as a bookkeeper, then offering bookkeeping services would be a good place to start. You can always add more services as you grow your client list, but just make sure that you are sticking to the ones that you are confident about.

Decide what you will charge

This step will be challenging. Charging too much will drive clients to the next, cheapest option, and charging too little will give the impression that you don’t value your own work. Do some research to see how much other Virtual Assistants are charging for similar services and base your pricing off that. Keep in mind that this will be the way you pay your bills, so charge enough that you can do work you enjoy and cover your costs.

Get all your legal stuff in order

If you are going to operate as a serious small business, you will need to have the documentation to support it. In addition to data processing and contract agreements, you’ll also need to register with the ATO to let them know that you are receiving income.

Create your online presence

Part of learning how to become a Virtual Assistant is learning how to have a presence online. The majority of your activities, from networking with potential clients to invoicing for the work that you’ve done, will need to happen online. At a minimum, you will need a website where you can publish information regarding the services you provide. If you’re comfortable enough, you could use a social media platform (Twitter or LinkedIn) to meet and network with potential clients and other Virtual Assistants. Know that whatever you post online can and will be judged by clients, so make sure that it is all in line with your brand.

Network, network, and network some more

The most challenging part of starting a new business venture is exactly that: starting. It may take a while to build up a client list, and the best way to get started is to meet other people in your industry and capture the attention of people who are in need of your services. One great way to network is by attending conferences, like the Corporate PA Summit, where you will not only be able to meet other professionals like you, but also network with, and learn from, experts in the field.

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