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Is there a ‘bad apple’ in your workplace? How a corporate health and wellbeing program can help.

Whether you’re the final say on who gets hired at your organisation or not, hiring the ‘right’ person can be a coin toss at times. Your candidate could be stellar on paper, receives brilliant references, and presents exceptionally well throughout the interview process – so, you hire them. Then BOOM! Six months later, much to your frustration and disappointment, they ‘go south’ on you and start behaving ineffectively and having a negative impact on your other employees.

Getting Blindsided

You didn’t see that coming, and now you have one ‘bad apple’ on your hands that is starting to wear down your whole staff. Though one would think that a whole department of high-performers would have a positive influence and could turn this individual around, studies show that what actually happens in the majority of cases is that a caustic individual turns the environment toxic with their behaviour, bringing morale down in the whole department.

Soon, you start losing your star performers as they seek more positive workplace cultures and your department is in shambles. By the time you decide to cut this instigator loose, it may be too late – the damage is done. Indeed, one ‘bad apple’ CAN spoil the whole bunch.

Your Bottom Line

With the loss of your top performers, your bottom line could start to suffer. Rebuilding your department once you get rid of the negativity will be a task, but all is not lost. It will take a little time to replace your previous employees, but there will be many excellent candidates who would welcome the challenge of taking your company to the top again and reap the benefits of the worthy recognition.

The bigger challenge will be to develop a health and wellbeing program that will prevent this from reoccurring, so that you and your company don’t find yourself at these crossroads in the future. This is where ThinkTank Media can help.

Taking Your Workplace Health to a New Level

Change! It will take several changes within the organisation to reinvent your image – this could include developing a formal health and wellbeing program, a rebrand, and/or setting new goals. Facing the fact that you will be bringing in new people to create new teams, your company’s dynamics will change dramatically. Those who have been loyal will need to be recognised for their steadfastness, and be reassured that you mean business – new business.

By taking the time to select and thoroughly vet your prospective employees, you stand a better chance of hiring smarter. If you don’t already have an evaluation period in place, set one up – 30, 60, 90 days…whatever works best for you. And stick to it. Ask other department managers to sit in during the interview process, so they can provide you with objective feedback. You may even want to consider asking one of your top-performing employees to sit in and get their take on your prospects. With 2-3 varying views, you will develop a more comprehensive picture of your prospective employee.

Your newcomers will be joining your teams with enthusiasm and positivity, but only if you can prove to them as well that you are sincere and genuine in your efforts. They will be in a position to help reset the groundwork to take your workplace health and wellbeing to a new level, joining your current employees in helping to create a healthy culture and environment once again.

Forget the One Bad Apple

Your workplace health is important to your success. ThinkTank Media joins forces with their clients to create, enhance and manage a health and wellbeing program for your business, helping you to overcome, and prevent a ‘bad apple’ from impacting negatively on your organisation and staff. For dates and locations for upcoming Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summits, visit the website, or give ThinkTank Media a call today to get started on the road to positivity.



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