Masterclass Programs

The pre-summit and post-summit masterclass programs are designed to maximise your summit experience. You will cover topics in much greater depth – enabling you to share your challenges, create action plans and ensure the highest possible return from your summit investment.

Monday 13 May 2024

Unlock Your Leadership Potential
Investing in your leadership potential so you become the leader you are meant to be.
Led by: Cheryl Bowie

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Courageous Conversations
Step up and into conversations that shift relationships and change outcomes
Led by: Michelle Gibbings

Welcome to ‘Unlock Your Leadership Potential’

Led by: Cheryl Bowie

This full-day masterclass will be held on Monday 13 May 2024. 


8.30am Registration

9.00am SESSION 1: Discover your values and motivations

In this section, you’ll delve deep into your core values and motivations, gaining a crystal-clear understanding of what drives you as a leader. Uncover the guiding principles that will help you make better decisions and lead with authenticity. You’ll learn how to:

  • Align your actions with your values for greater integrity
  • Find renewed purpose and passion in your leadership role
  • Build trust and rapport with your team through authentic leadership
  • Cultivate self-awareness, a leadership super power
  • Live and lead aligned to your core values whilst being more influential
  • Establish a framework to ensure your purpose is clear and consistent

SESSION 2: Identifying barriers to success

Explore the obstacles that may be hindering your progress as a leader. Whether it’s self-doubt, fear of failure, or communication challenges, you’ll learn to recognise and overcome these barriers, enabling you to achieve your leadership goals. In this section, you will:

  • Gain insight into your personal barriers and how to conquer them
  • Develop resilience and confidence in your leadership abilities
  • Learn how to be more thoughtful and deliberate in your choices and decision making
  • Develop the confidence to be the most authentic version of yourself

SESSION 3: Crafting your leadership path

Now that you understand your values and have overcome barriers, it’s time to create a strategic roadmap for your leadership journey. Set goals, develop a leadership vision, and chart a course toward your dream leadership career. This section will focus on:

  • Setting achievable goals that align with your values and motivations
  • Creating a clear vision for your leadership future
  • Being thoughtful and deliberate in your choices and decision-making
  • Navigating your career with precision, leading to lasting success
  • Developing a strategy for achieving your goals

SESSION 4: Action planning and next steps

This masterclass will be interactive and dialogue based, with a focus on connection, story telling and insights from both the facilitator and your fellow attendees. This final session will allow you to put together a leadership action plan, which you can take with you into the main summit day and beyond.

4.30pm Workshop closes


Are you ready to step into your leadership potential and pave the way for a successful career as a leader? This one-day workshop, led by executive coach Cheryl Bowie, is designed exclusively for emerging and future leaders like you. Discover your core values, motivations, and the hidden barriers that might be holding you back. Develop values that allow for innovation, diversity and transformation, and become a confident, strategic leader, able to keep an eye on the big picture, and stay flexible in the face of change.


Cheryl has been a senior leader and consultant for many of NZ’s blue chip organisations, including Auckland Tourism Events & Economic Development, NZTE, Manukau Institute of Technology, NZ Post and TelstraClear and has worked in a wide range of sectors. A consulting career highlight was establishing Auckland Transition Agency’s project office – the organisation charged with creating Auckland Council.

Cheryl is passionate about the human side of change management and supports clients to find alignment between their personal and professional lives. She facilitates understanding of barriers and inner workings to allow clients and their employers to realise their full potential and “bring their whole selves” to work.

She also works with professionals in transition enabling a deeper understanding of value drivers and motivations to assist with future career planning. At an organisational level, Cheryl works strategically to curate “employee experiences” that maximise workforce investment and deliver increased engagement via development and coaching solutions such as Leader as Coaches programs. She is also a qualified assessor in profiling tools used by many companies and individuals used to grow leadership capability.

Welcome to ‘Courageous Conversations’

Led by: Michelle Gibbings

This full-day masterclass will be held on Wednesday 15 May 2024. 


Step up and into conversations that shift relationships and change outcomes.

With an ever-changing world, shifting expectations, more demands securing results and achieving sustainable outcomes, while also creating a dynamic and effective team culture requires the ability to step up and into difficult and yet, crucial conversations.

Skilfully navigating these conversations is both a mixture of art and science.

If you want to step up and accelerate your leadership, knowing how and when to have a courageous conversation is essential. It’s about identifying your opportunities to be braver, challenging the role you are playing so you own your part, and then readying yourself for the conversation. The focus is on engaging mindfully so you achieve results with positive impact.

Join this interactive masterclass to discover:

  • What gets in the way of healthy, constructive conversations
  • How to step up and into conversations that are hard and uncomfortable
  • The three core ingredients for courageous conversations to ensure you have a positive impact and achieve results
  • Skills and techniques you can use with your team to elevate how the team communicates with each other

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • Techniques to better engage in difficult conversations
  • Enhanced willingness and confidence to step into hard conversations
  • New skills that contribute to more effective conversations and relationships with your boss, colleagues and team members
  • A guide, which focuses on the three core phases of preparation, delivery and reflection, to use ensure you are ready for your courageous conversations.

8.30am Registration

9.00am Masterclass commences

4.30pm Workshop closes


As a workplace expert, Michelle expertly draws on her executive leadership experience, combined with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and human development. As a Certified Dare to Lead™, Michelle will also share special elements from Dr. Brené Brown’s program.

Michelle passionately believes in the criticality of learning as part of leadership and career progress. For learning to land, it must be interactive, interesting and engaging.  Her engaging style will help you sharpen your approach, so you remain cool, calm and collected when dealing with the challenges of today and bold, brave and balanced in readiness for the future.

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