The Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit is packed with expert professional speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit attracts a fantastic mix of inspirational speakers and successful case study speakers. The 2023 summit will build upon this tradition, with an agenda packed full of exceptional speakers.

Amanda Wallis

Amanda is fascinated by the “why” of human behaviour. At its core, her work is devoted to helping understand and support people to engage in behaviours they want to be doing, but struggle with – whether that’s building financial wellbeing, creating psychologically safe teams, or learning how to ‘switch off’ from work.

In her role leading the research programme at Umbrella Wellbeing, Amanda draws on her research experience to generate reports and journal articles, inform innovation strategy and development, and uphold scientific rigour across all of Umbrella’s services.

As a thought leader in the field of behaviour change and wellbeing, Amanda is a regular contributor to media publications, including The Guardian, sharing her research-backed commentaries on both individual and organisational wellbeing. Her passion is in translating research into practical strategies for change and she is dedicated to expanding our collective knowledge about “what works” when it comes to behaviour change and workplace wellbeing.

Amanda graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a PhD in Psychology, along with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours). She also holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Her doctoral research examined drivers of behaviour change, the core principles of which she now applies to her work with organisational wellbeing.

David Knoff

David Knoff is an Antarctic Expedition Leader, Author, and leadership expert who specialises in remote leadership, hostile environment diplomacy, and resilience.

David’s international career has taken him across the globe with experiences as an officer in the Australian Army, diplomatic postings in Pakistan and Iraq, and most recently with the Australian Antarctic Program. In 2019, David was given a leadership challenge unlike no other in modern history, as the Station Leader at Davis Station, Antarctica, he was leading a team of just 24 through the isolation of an Antarctic winter when the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out.

The impact of the pandemic on Antarctic operations saw David’s team without a ride home as planned and facing one of the longest periods of isolation in modern Antarctic History. Returning to a changed world in mid-2021, David’s book, 537 Days of Winter: Resilience, Endurance and Humanity while stranded in Antarctica during the Pandemic tells the story of what it was like to lead a team through unprecedented uncertainty and how to find resilience in the most extreme environments.

David’s experiences in high-pressure and remote environments has given him a depth of experience from which he has developed his own unique leadership style and enjoys working with organisations seeking to rebuild workplace culture and adapt to the rapid changes of the last few years.

Dr Denise Quinlan

Dr Denise Quinlan is acknowledged internationally as a world-class trainer and facilitator. A global thought leader in wellbeing and resilience, Dr Quinlan synthesises deep insights from her multi-disciplinary background to develop integrative approaches that address the urgent issues facing the contemporary worlds of work, family and sustainability.

Co-founder of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the University of Canterbury, Denise regularly presents at global conferences, creates and teaches online courses, and authors books – all part of her mission to help more people live more satisfying lives. Denise’s work is delivered with her characteristic Irish humour, guaranteeing you will laugh while you learn, and that your teams will leave with practical steps they can use immediately.

Originally an equity analyst and dealer-broker on the London Stock Exchange, and a consultant with Deloitte and KPMG in Europe and NZ, Denise’s corporate background informs her work with senior executives across the globe, including as an award-winning guest lecturer at globally ranked IE Business School, Madrid.

Denise is the only New Zealand trainer to have worked alongside Prof Martin Seligman and Dr Karen Reivich delivering the Penn Resilience Program in Australia and the UK. Her research is published in international academic journals and numerous edited volumes and her award-winning Podcast, Bringing Wellbeing to Life, shares wellbeing insights from leading researchers and practitioners from around the world.

James Laughlin

James Laughlin is a sought-after High Performance Leadership strategist. He has worked with hundreds of high performers to get transformational results in their personal and professional lives.

James has won seven world championship titles as a musician, made world history by leading his underdog kiwi team to world champion victory, hosts global leaders in his sold out high performance leadership programme and is the mental skills coach for Canterbury Rugby.

James is the founder and host of the Lead on Purpose podcast where he interviews former world leaders, pro athletes, Fortune 200 CEOs and more. As a speaker James is invited to speak at summits, conferences and events throughout New Zealand and Australia.

James’ day job involves mentoring and coaching CEO’s throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Dr Natalie Flynn

Dr Natalie Flynn is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the area of mental health for 27 years. In that time she’s worked in an extensive range of settings both in New Zealand and the UK.

Dr Natalie has practiced at Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital in Berkshire, a number of Community Mental Health Centres both in Auckland and London, Mental Heath Crisis Teams in London and Auckland, Community Alcohol and Drug Services, the Early Intervention Psychosis team, Maternal Mental Health Services, Auckland inpatient Psychiatric Services, the Regional Eating Disorders Service, Auckland Prison, the Kari Centre, and Tranx (working with prescription drug dependence).

She received a ‘Bright Future Top Achiever’ Doctoral Scholarship for her research in neuropsychology (understanding how the brain relates to behaviour), and more recently has written a bestselling book, Smart Mothering—which examines the research behind parenting choices. She also co-founded the Parentland app with Nigel Latta.

Currently, Dr Natalie is running a successful private practice in Auckland focusing on adult mental health.

Callum McKirdy

Callum McKirdy is a speaker, author, mentor and facilitator specialising in workplace dynamics and behaviour having spent the past two decades assisting Australasian leaders and teams to leverage their uniqueness. In particular, Callum specialises in helping workplaces harness the power of different thinking – those cohorts of the workforce that have always existed yet have slipped under the radar (or appeared on the radar for all the wrong reasons).

Proudly dyslexic and ADHD-positive, Callum champions organisations to think differently about different thinking, and views the neurodivergent staff as the innovative super-workforce of the future. Callum speaks at industry conferences, facilitates high-impact workshops, trains teams, and mentors professionals with ADHD via his ADHD+ online community, as well as hosts the You, Me & ADHD podcast.

Lance Burdett (masterclass facilitator)

Following a successful career in the construction industry, Lance spent 22 years with the NZ Police, becoming the leading crisis negotiator. Qualifying in NZ, Australia, and with the FBI, Lance taught crisis intervention to police & prison negotiators. Described by senior police as “The most qualified and highly skilled negotiator within NZ Police,” Lance trained and operated with the elite tactical teams of Police, Corrections, Fire, Ambulance, Military, and the FBI.

Qualifying as a Personal Protection Officer, Lance oversaw the protection of the Prime Minister, international dignitaries, and people on the witness protection programme.  He was the principal security officer at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and the 2012 London Olympics.

As a commissioned officer, Lance directed the immediate response to the full range of critical incidents and was a senior detective leading investigation teams on complex criminal cases. Responsible for recruitment and training for the Police Emergency 111 call centres, Lance developed and delivered coaching programmes on handling emotional conversations and coping skills. His resiliency programme is part of the NZ Police mandatory training. 

Lance has a Master of Arts Degree, majoring in terrorism safety & security, a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, a Diploma in Policing, and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management.  He is working on a Diploma in Positive Psychology.

Suzanne Waldron (masterclass leader and MC)

Suzanne Waldron is a behavioural change facilitator whose masters research focused on moving ideas into action through pro-social leadership. Working globally with influential leaders, her focus is on explicit communication and solid peer-to-peer relationships.

She’s an active ambassador for RUOK?, TEDx curator, and co-founder/director of short doco series Stories Out Loud. A twice published author, Suzanne has been nominated for Western Australian of the Year 2016 for her community work and twice 40 under 40.

“A really impressive, well thought-out Summit. I enjoyed hearing the presenters and I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of speakers and their influence and impact in this space to people and communities generally.”
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

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